About the Company

Axiva-Axiflow group was founded in 2000 as a provider of specialized solutions to pharmaceuticals, research institutions and immunodiagnostics industries. Started as a small brand of plasticware and filter paper, the group today provides cutting-edge solutions across membrane technology, chromatography, filtration, laboratory plastic-ware among others.

The company’s mission is to provide high-tech solutions for the clients in areas where we have core competence and where they face issues regarding quality, availability or feasibility. With the same customer-centric approach, our technical team works closely with our customers to deliver the best- suited solutions customized for their application.

R&D Focus

With the company’s R&D focus, our technology team has enabled product innovation and process innovation, allowing us to deliver unique products & solutions for different industries. We are able to bring such solutions to market with in-house R&D capabilities complemented active engagement with a network of top technical advisors across membrane technology, engineering, plastic molding and industry application expertise.

Clean Room Operations

Given the critical nature of products, our manufacturing facilities are built as GMP-compliant clean rooms and our in-house quality assurance lab works tirelessly to ensure that we are quality leaders in all business segments we work in.

Vision and Mission


To build a suite of high-tech solutions for medical & pharmaceutical industry with global quality leadership driven by strong R&D backbone.


To provide products/solutions for complex business problems in pharmaceutical or immunodiagnostics industry which require multi-dimensional capabilities by building those multiple capabilities within the organization.