Facilities and Capabilities

With a philosophy of achieving quality leadership in our focus products, we have built world-class facilities and in-house capabilities to fulfill our goals.

Manufacturing - Axiva’s manufacturing operations are spread over 30,000 sq. ft. Our production facility meets the high bar of requirements as supplier of critical products to the global pharmaceutical & diagnostics. All our production plants are certified ISO 9001 and select areas are certified ISO 13485 based on product requirements. These facilities are designed with unidirectional flow for GMP compliance.

The strong manufacturing facility is completed by strong research and engineering teams. Equipped with the right equipment, the in-house team & external advisors of scientists run our analytical chemistry and surface chemistry for rigorous R&D on our product line and tight process control for delivering quality consistency.

The engineering team works tirelessly to implement & scale the process designed by our research team to bring the products to market while continuously improving the legacy processes.