Lateral Flow Nitrocellulose Membrane

Lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane esez has a globally preferred membrane substrate where antigen-antibody binding takes place, such as pregnancy tests, urine-albumin tests and detection of C-reactive proteins (CRP).

When choosing a Lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane for lateral flow point care testing (POCT), quality assurance and membrane stability are key to giving confidence in your test performance from development to implementation from manufacturing.

Lateral Flow Assay are the heart of lateral flow assays and need to be displayed:

Highly consistent wicking rate and thickness-either diversity can have harmful effects on assay sensitivity, reproducibility, and recycled consumption.

Constantly reproducible-protein binding levels that are highly consistent to facilitate reliable assay performance.

Clear results – low background levels that enable crisp capture lines and easy-to-read results.

Clear surface appearance-controlled surface quality of membranes to ensure discharge from visual defects, discoloration and dust.

Results assure wicking speed for time-quality predictable results time.

Remove concerns over the variability of your media so you can focus on optimizing other testing and manufacturing variables.

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